Friday, September 30, 2011

Aimee Chan

Aimee Chan: Hong Kong Hot Actress Aimee Chan is now officially his girlfriend admitted by Hong Kong actor Moses Chan, but dismissed recent media reports of them co-habiting as being completely untrue, reported Hong Kong media.

"I do visit her, but we haven't reached that stage (co-habitation) yet, we can't be so impatient," said Moses Chan, at a publicity event on Thursday which he and Aimee Chan attended together.

But recently published Hong Kong paparazzi photos showed him behaving intimately with Aimee Chan at the apartment where she lived.
Aimee Chan Wiki:
    Name: 陳茵媺 (陈茵媺) / Chan Yan Mei (Chen Yin Mei)
    English name: Aimee Chan
    Profession: Actress
    Birthdate: 1981-Apr-01
    Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Nationality: Canadian
    Height: 168cm
    Weight: 48kg
    Star sign: Aries
    Chinese zodiac: Rooster
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