Saturday, August 13, 2011

Suzanne Pirret

Suzanne Pirret: Sheriff Burke management in the UK Michelin three-star restaurant The Fat Duck, won worldwide acclaim molecular chef Blumenthal (Heston Blumenthal) downtown divorce, and his wife praised the decision sodium (Zanna) separation, ending two decades of husband and wife. 

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that Blumenthal worry about loneliness, has rushed to catch the United States, "the goddess of cooking book" Pi Leite (Suzanne Pirret), but is most concerned about the outside world or he is satisfied with the praise how to allocate assets, and the Fat Duck's business prospects will be affected. Blumenthal has said that the success of his career, his wife, satisfied the most deserving praise. The couple work together, so that The Fat Duck as the world's most popular restaurants of Chanticleer. 

However, his spokesman confirmed the couple's relationship has been finished. Name into a profit on and can not bring happiness to their marriage. Although Blumenthal successful use of his name to establish the value of millions of pounds of food dollars Kingdom, but business is busy, life is stressful, leading to the relationship he is satisfied with the praise the red light. The spokesman said that although the couple can not continue to do, but they are still good friends, two of dedication will take care of three children.
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