Friday, August 19, 2011

Major Fan Chun Chen

Major Fan Chun Chen Exposed: Major Fan Chun-chen Blog has become at least the third woman in the military who exposed her most private side on her blog. A large number of people are clicking in the web to know the latest news update about major Fan Chun-chen.

Major Fan Chun-chen is the latest buzz in Taiwan and she is being searched for joining the growing ranks of women in uniform posing online without their uniforms.

According to the state media sources the pictures of major Fan Chun-chen showed off her cleavage and bare legs. She wrote on her private blog in June “I like showing off [my body] and I’m narcissistic; I won’t pretend not to be anymore.”

Taiwanese military sources have also took a notice of such a shy pictures of any military related person. A military source while reacting on it, “ignored the basic expectations of propriety and strictness of her vocation and highlighted her thoughtlessness.”

Major Fan Chun-chen is a communications officer at the Missile Command of the General Staff Headquarters. Female Taiwanese majjor made no secret of the fact that she was a military academy graduate. Asia News Network reports.
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