Monday, August 15, 2011

Let’s Kill Hitler Prelude Debuts

The DOCTOR WHO: “Let’s Kill Hitler” Prelude Debuts, August 27th just get here already? The BBC has officially released the 2-minute prelude to the Upcoming Samsung, HTC and Motorola Androids upcoming Doctor Who episode “Let’s Kill Hitler,” written by current series showrunner Steven Moffat.  In what is by far the most powerful and heartbreaking prequel mini-episode yet, Amy Pond leaves a phone message on the Doctor‘s answering device aboard the TARDIS.

After we learn that the TARDIS actually has an answering device that the Doctor only discovered while looking for the brakes, Amy Pond’s message for the Doctor has her asking if he’s managed to find her daughter Melody, taken away by Madame Kovarian at the end of the previous episode, “A Good Man Goes to War.”  Although realizing that Melody will ultimately be all right because she becomes River Song, Amy tells the Doctor that she doesn’t want to miss out on all those years of her childhood and asks him to phone her back as soon as he learns something. 
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