Monday, August 15, 2011

Lara Logan Reveals Sex Assault In Egypt

Lara Logan Reveals New Details Of Sex Assault In Egypt: Lara Logan, the 39-year-old CBS foreign correspondent revealed terrifying new details of the 40 minute-long February attack in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on 60 Minutes show. Lara Logan estimates that she was assaulted by as many as 300 men, who were among the crowd  in Tahrir Square exulting over the ouster of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

Lara Logan is CBS News’ chief foreign affairs correspondent and has reported from Iraq and Afghanistan. CBS said it would have no further comment and that Logan and her family requested privacy.

According to different media sources, CBS Senior Reporter Lara Logan will be released from a hospital. The statement said, “Lara Logan, 39, was covering celebrations for a “60 Minutes” story, the network said, when a frenzied mob of about 200 people surrounded her, her crew and their security team. Separated from the others in the chaos, Logan was surrounded, beaten and sexually assaulted”.
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