Thursday, August 11, 2011

iPhone 5 Release Date In Singapore

iPhone 5 Release Date In Singapore: September or October? when is Iphone 5 release date in singapore? According to reports, sometime between september and october.

The iPhone 5, we were told, was definitely coming in September. The Wall Street Journal had sources saying September, as did John Paczkowski of All Things Digital, as did Boy Genius Report, as did 9to5MacRumors. Basically, a lot of people close to Apple -- suppliers, parts makers, AT&T employees, etc. -- assured a lot of bloggers that September 2011 was the month of the launch. "Yes," all of these informants nodded in anonymous unison, "It certainly looks like September 2011."

Which is why I'm going to bet it will be a little frustrating for you all to hear that the latest rumors have the iPhone 5 coming out in October.

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