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Hush Singapore Movie Download

Hush Singapore Movie Download: Title: Singapore Erotic film Hush
Posted on: July 26th, 2010
Category: Asian Entertainment

Story: Alice (Evelyn Maria Ng), unsure about her sexuality, is trapped between passion and moral between her family and friends. She frequently comes home late for dinner with her widower father (Vincent Tee) and 2 younger sisters (Janice Yeo and Cassevonrie Chia) due to her overtime at work. This makes her father very upset as he has made the daily family dinner compulsory and sees it as the only way to hold the family together. However, beneath the facade of kinship lies dark secrets and complex emotions ready to explode anytime, when keeping things hush may no longer be the way out.

Natalie Faye may be one of Singapore’s first actresses to bare all in a Singaporean film. The 20-minute film, titled Hush, features a brief full frontal shot of Natalie, among other steamy scenes. Hush is being hyped as “Singapore’s most erotic film” and tells the story of a family with dark secrets. It has been passed by the Board of Film Censors with no cuts.
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