Thursday, August 4, 2011

Edwin Goh

Edwin Goh: Edwin Goh is on Facebook. Singapore actor-director Li Nanxing has a special bond with his upcoming Mandarin drama "On The Fringe". The 46-year-old actor had played Ah Yong, a rebellious, hot-blooded youth in the drama's spiritual prequel "On The Fringe" way back in 1987.

The difference, of course, is that Tian Yi Bang, his character in the new "On The Fringe" is not a wayward youth, but a middle-aged former delinquent.

Tian seeks to prevent his son Yao Zhiyong (Edwin Goh) who has never seen Tian since his mother (Tian's wife played by Pan Ling Ling) remarried, from following in his footsteps.

"Tian Yi bang has been jailed for 15 years for his crimes. He has lost touch with society. "He wants to turn over a new leaf but he has no friends, because his old friends were gangsters and all came to bad ends. Nobody gives him a chance," said Li of his character, during a press luncheon for the show.

"So he has lost all direction save for his desire to see his son and bring him up to become a good man." "The thing is, it is kind of hard to convince his son, who has become a bit of a rebellious hooligan like him in his younger days."

"He can't just blurt out 'I am your father and I have been in jail. You should listen to me'. It's not very convincing!" said Li, breaking into laughter. It was Tian's struggle to get through to his son that Li found irresistible in the show, which also stars big names like Fann Wong and Rui En.

The actor expressed that the dynamics in his father-son relationship were multi-faceted and described his character Tian as "a joy to play".
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