Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bubba Smith Dead

Bubba Smith Dead at Age 66: One of the best NFL players of his time and a movie actor Charles Aaron “Bubba” Smith was identified dead at his home in Los Angeles due to natural causes. The cause of death for Bubba Smith is not yet 100% clear according to police reports. Indeed, Bubba Smith is dead at 66 which has saddened his fans, families and his colleagues of the National Football League.

The Bubba Smith dead at the age 66 report is just a sad scenario in the sport of NFL. His memories will be remembered and Bubba Smith will always be cherished and remembered long after his death. It has been said that the average NFL player will not live more than 68 years of age because of the physical toll that the game takes on ones body. Unfortunately for Charles Bubba Smith this is one stat he could not break.
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