Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aya Hirano Scandal With Bubka

Aya Hirano Scandal With Katsundo Make: Aya Hirano Scandal With Katsundo Bubka magazine is now circulating in the latest issue Aya Hirano's new scandal has made media and entertainment world who are inspontaneous Japanese nation on the scene Aya Hirano Scandal With Katsundo Make Japan Dumb founded Aya Hirano Scandal With Katsundo it had constructed the world in the most Japanese entertainment scene. 
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  1. This makes me mad at Bubka. They are just as awful as TMZ. So what if she slept with people. That's her personal life. Just because she is famous doesn't mean her urges are gonna magically not be there. I don't think it's right. I am pretty sure the people who publish things like this are doing the exact same stuff, as the rest of the world, but Aya is the only one who gets made out to be the bad person just because she is famous? That's not fair.


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