Saturday, August 13, 2011

Age Of Conan

Age Of Conan: As if you didn't have enough incentive to log into Age of Conan lately, Funcom is giving you one more. Yes, Unchained is here, as is free-to-play and a lot of new content. On top of that, the AoC Facebook page just mentioned a promotion called The King's Reward which runs through the end of the month.

Every Age of Conan player will receive a free potion pack via the new in-game store, and unlike everything else in the cash shop, the bundle is free of charge. Goodies include various flavors of XP-enhancing potions (including PvP, mastery, and regular XP), a temporary PvP evade boost, and a resurrect potion.

These items may only be claimed on one avatar per account, so choose wisely if you've got a ton of toons lounging about on your character select screen.
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