Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer: Jerry Springer TV: Jerry Springer still angry that Florida Marlins beat his Yankees in ‘03 series: Today it was Jerry Springer.

The talk show host is friends with Marlins catcher Brett Hayes, whose sister does wardrobe for “Baggage,” Springer’s new show on the Game Show Network.

“If a fight breaks out on the field, we’ll come film it,” Springer told players, who chanted “Jer-ree! Jer-ree!” when Springer entered the clubhouse.

Jerry Springer with Logan Morrison and Mike Stanton “My mom would be so proud,” Logan Morrison told Springer while they had their photos taken. “She never let me watch your show when I was growing up.”

The best line came from relief pitcher Clay Hensley, who was sporting an actual black eye after getting hit in the face by a grounder during batting practice before Friday’s game.

“I was on your show the other week,” Hensley said. “Somebody got me.” Springer is a big baseball fan but an even bigger Yankees fan.

“Even my boat is named Yogi Boat,” he said. Springer grew up in New York in the late ’40s and ’50s. His biggest thrill was at Fort Lauderdale Stadium in 1988 when he participated in a Yankees Fantasy Camp, where he was a catcher alongside the likes of White Ford, Mickey Mantle and Bobby Richardson.

“They announced the batteries for the Yankees — Ford anad Springer,” he said with a grin.

Other than Brett Hayes, what does Springer know about the Marlins?

“Truthfully not a lot,” he said, “except they beat the Yankees in the (’03) World Series and frankly I’m (still) pissed.”
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