Thursday, May 26, 2011

Skype is Dead

Didn't take long for Microsoft to ruin Skype: Asterisk for Skype is dead... Skype Users Worldwide Victim to Mysterious Crash: 
Skype appears to have suffered a significant and bizarre crash, with users worldwide reporting problems on Twitter.

Not long after the company has announced a major deal with Microsoft it has become victim to unspecified problems, with some reports of the programme shutting down with a Windows error message.

Twitter is now seeing floods of angry messages by users who have been booted of the system and are now unable to login or even start up the Skype programme itself.

An error message appears on Skype and users are not able to even get to the next log-in screen.
The first proof is here. Digium, the company behind the popular open-source Asterisk private-branch exchange (PBX) program, has announced that Skype has unilaterally ended its deal that allowed Asterisk to work with Skype.
Check the Skype News, is works?
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