Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sean Kingston Jetski Crash Accident

Is Sean Kingston Dead? Sean Kingston Jetski Crash Accident: Miami Herald said that Sean Kingston Dead.  Hip-hop singer is Sean Kingston dead after watercraft. Sean Kingston is confined at Ryder Trauma Center up to this date. Authorities and witnesses said that he crashed his jetski into a certain part of Miami Beach bridge.

It was around 6pm last Sunday when Sean Kingston slammed into the Palm Island Bridge. He and a girl passenger are both thrown out at the water after that collision.

There are buzz and rumors floating around that Sean Kingston is dead (rumors meaning, unconfirmed and unofficial). As of this time, no official press releases whatsoever are being released about his condition.

I am not saying or stating that Sean Kingston is dead. As you can see at the title of this post, it contains a question mark (?) meaning, its not a some sort of official statement, perhaps, a question asking for some news, updates and real information about the accident.
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