Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell, Ellen Page and Flavor Flav are among a handful of stars trying out "Planking," an Australian stunt fad that involves being photographed while lying flat on random objects.

"If planking isn't the greatest single thing the human mind has ever conceived, I don't know what is," Lost creator Damon Lindelof wrote on Twitter, posting a picture of himself trying it out on a coffee table.
"Juno" star Ellen Page has devoted a series of Facebook photo albums to what she calls "The Lying Down Game," in which she and her friends plank in various locales.

The photos have been shared countless times, earning the actress raves from her fans. "You crack me up lady," one wrote on her album "LA Lying." 
"When done safely its way more fun than smiling 4 the camera," Bell advised.

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