Sunday, May 29, 2011

Im Yoona

Im Yoona: Happy Birthday Im Yoona!  Im Yoona on FaceBook: I'm getting more and more ridiculous these days, she's not even my bias. I mentioned it before that my biases are Tiffany, Jessica and Taeyeon. 

It’s easy to see Yoong as a carefree little kid, and perhaps also to criticize her as the face of Soshi, but as S♡NEs, we know there are many aspects to Yoona that are worth celebrating. I mean, the girl has more advertisements under her belt than some idol groups have in total for a reason, right?
I didnt even wrote anything on Jess and Taeng's bday, sigh I'm judging myself for this rofl. This girl's presence keep growing on me, especially since I saw her on SHINee's new Japanese PV lol. And I think I barely have any bias in SNSD now,

Thanks for being Im Yoona I know, thanks for being one of these NINE amazing girls, thanks for being SNSD.
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