Friday, May 27, 2011

Convert Youtube to MP3

Convert Youtube Video to High Quality MP3 Music: Youtube is the best website to find old songs. Many songs you can’t find anymore in the CD shop, but available in Youtube.

Normally youtube video is MTV in flash format. But sometime we just want to listen the song in iPod or mp3 player. Then you need to convert Youtube video to high quality MP3 music.
Youtube to MP3 Converter

Dirpy is an online converter that convert Youtube video to MP3 music on the spot. Head to the Website and paste youtube video link. Once verified, it show a link to download the song in MP3.

Default MP3 quality is 128kbps. It also allows you to customize some settings: start and end time, title, etc.

This converter is useful for myself. Always want to listen old songs but don’t know where to find. Now I can convert them easily from Youtube MTV. Most important it is Free! (Yes, I like free things).
Another Great site for Convert Youtube to MP3

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